NASTY FIX Einnota Veipur

Skráðu þig inn til að sjá verð

Einfaldlega bestu einnota veipurnar sem eru til á markaðnum í dag.

NASTY FIX veipurnar koma frá NASTY JUICE sem er margverðlaunað fyrirtæki á sínum markaði.



Asap Grape - ASAP Grape is a fruit blend featuring a combination of bold, sharp flavours. A combination of bittersweet dark grape and juicy mixed berries is complemented by a cooling, low mint for a layered vape.

Slow Blow - Slow Blow is a tropical fruit blend featuring fizzy, chilled notes. A sharp yet sweet combination of pineapple and lime creates the base of the vape, with a sugary soda and cooling mint coming through to finish for a complex vape.

Watermelon Ice - Watermelon Ice is a tropical fruit blend noted for its frosty bite. A ripe-tasting watermelon is consistent from inhale to exhale, with the addition of a cooling, ice finish for a balanced flavour.

Blackcurrant  Cotton Candy - Blackcurrant Cotton Candy is a berry fruit blend featuring sugary candied notes. The rich and slightly sour flavour of blackcurrant is mixed with soft cotton candy notes for a distinct taste.

Cushman Mango - Cush Man from Nasty Juice boasts notes of ripe, juicy mango with each vape you’ll notice the outrageous fruitiness of the inhale.

Double Apple - Blending the taste of juicy-sweet red apples and crisp and tangy green apples, Nasty Fix Double Apple is a double whammy of fresh-from-the-orchard flavour.

Menthol - offers a nice cool sensation with subtle hints of sweetness leaving you with the perfect menthol feeling

Pure Tobacco - Pure Tobacco is a straightforward tobacco blend featuring an overall robust taste. The earthy notes of tobacco are consistent throughout for a bold, one note flavour.

Vanilla Tobacco -  Vanilla Tobacco is a tobacco blend featuring a creamy, sweet backdrop. A bold tobacco base is complemented by the smooth, fragrant notes of vanilla for a distinct vape.