MARTA MATÉ – Primordium

Marta Maté

Vörunúmer: 5017 Flokkur:


The grapes come from a single vineyard at high altitude (910 m) with a limestone and sandy- loam soil. The grape production is limited to 3,500 kg / ha The harvesting is done in baskets of 12 kg and the grapes are selected and graded by hand. The maceration is gradual, between 2 and 3 weeks, and maturation occurs according to the characteristics of the grape. This is a signature wine with intense aromas of black fruit, incense and cocoa, which explode onto the senses.

– 100% Tinto Fino
– 18 months in barrels of French oak
– Temperature: 17 – 19 ºC
– This is perfect paired with game stews and red meat dishes with mushrooms and truffle sauces and also a seductive companion to chocolates, having a high percentage of cocoa.

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